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What we are about

Akena Associates is a West African research consulting firm based in Nigeria with offices in Kaduna, Abuja and Yola. We provide independent and objective social research, training and project management services. Akena has a highly effective team that maintains contacts with over 500 social and health science specialists based in Africa. Akena's board is comprised of national and international experts, and the firm is headed by Executive Director, Dr. Elizabeth Omoluabi.


Dr. Omoluabi and Akena staff are also affiliated with the Centre for Research, Evaluation Resources and Development (CRERD), a non-profit, non-governmental organization concerned with improving the understanding and delivery of population and health services and environmental development in Nigeria ( CRERD is based in lIe-lfe, Osun, Nigeria. Dr. Omoluabi is a Director at CRERD.


Core Values

The main purpose of research is to find objective answers to questions, fill gaps and change the way we think. For this to happen, quality data must be collected and analysed. At Akena Research, we speak through our data, which we ensure is Clear,  Consistent  and   Complete  while protecting its privacy to the highest ethical standards. In our 11 years experience, we have developed a controlled and verifiable approach to research.

Our People

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